Introduced Ingenic Wearable Chipset:M200/M200S

M200 is the 2nd-Gen Wearable SoC designed by Ingenic,it is a high-end custom SoC mainly for Smartwatch Watch and Smart Glass。 Based on dual Core (big+Little)CPU,3D GPU,Support MIPI-DSI interface and ISP,BGA packet size is 7.7*8.9*0.76 mm,very suitable for Wearable device.

M200S is same to M200 but with different ePOP package:Package a eMCP Chipset on the top of M200 chipset. This will help simplify the PCBA design, and smaller the size, it will help more space in the wearable device, then flexible the ID\MD design. Meanwhile, this ePOP Package M200S need high-end SMT and Porcessing. .