Application Development Process

Watches and mobile application development processes, process, how to build the system platform; click on the relevant icon to visit the details page. Seehere.

Watch Hardware Development Platform

Hardware development platform details, related downloads and instructions.

Upgrade the Firmware (optional)

OTA upgrade or downloaded the latest Images available.

Configure the Application Development Environment

Download development environment to build IWDS kits.

The first Hello World program

Contains code related to Phone and Wearable development, in order to get started soon with the correct development process

DEMO Program

We have plenty of DEMO applications that can be imported and modified to speed-up the development process.

Platform Build Process

Android images compilation tools.

Configure your development environment

System requirements including burning tool, compile and download of source code.

Download System Source

First time download and subsequent upgrades


Compile the wear os image according to the specific wearable model.


Burn steps instruction videos.