Q:There is no time to watch set and language options?

A: Set in a flight mode, switch the flight mode switch bluetooth.Set up and a bluetooth visibility in the switch, this switch is bluetooth visibility, not bluetooth switch.

Q: There is no time to watch set and language options?

A: Watches with watches after binding synchronous mobile language and time, watch local does not support the modification time and language.

Q: Mobile phone watch how to connect?

A: Need to install the phone end watch - manager. Apk, watch the dial interface drop-down, click on the "cloud" icon qr code, mobile terminal opened the watch - manager. Apk, qr code scanning watch to connect.

Q: Whether to support the iPhone connection?

A: Support the iPhone BLE bluetooth connectivity, the function is available, no follow-up support plan.

Q: Watch how to install and uninstall the app?

A: Follow-up phone end watch - manager. Apk will increase watches file management and watches the application management function.

Q: What is the difference between calls to remind and bluetooth phone?

A: Mobile phone watch by scanning qr code after the connection, if not into a mobile phone watch - communications manager in open the bluetooth headset, then the current call remind function only, phone call, watch will be reminded and can be on the watch refused to reject or text messages.If open the bluetooth headset, with bluetooth phone, watch can make a phone call or answer the call.