USB Burning tool instructions

Start USB Burning tool app

Start USBcloner and the interface should look like this one:


Move to USBcloner Platform configuration

Click on the main interface configuration button, click information, the programming information parameter configuration interface is shown below:


According to your needs you can configure, board-level and other parameters, forced restart check box interface is shown below:



Go to USBcloner burn files selection

Click configure as shown below:


 Click Save, then click the Settings button under the box to select the desired corresponding file.

Burn Project Burn Files
uboot(xboot) u-boot-with-spl-mbr-gpt.bin  
boot boot.img
recovery recovery.img
system system.img



  3.4  Go to USBcloner burn files before erasing data

         To erase the contents of the previous optional software before burning erased. Click the configuration inside the SD/MMC button. After save. As shown below:


 To burn

Click on the main interface “ Start ” button, then start the Hardware in burning mode, if you see a progress bar running then the burn is successful, as shown:



Manual Download

Download instructions:


Method of use under the Linux system

    Unzip USBCloner burn tool package, and then in the buffer USBCloner tools directory, first for & other;Cloner. Exe”File to the executable permissions, then use super user permissions to perform the ./cloner, use method and its interface under Windows to use similar, please reference


Burn video