USBCloner is the burning tool based on a new set of code structure, this document describes the installation process of USBCloner, the drivers, programming steps and programming operations, before using USBCloner burning tools. Be sure to check this document, in order to avoid unnecessary issues.

Operating Environment Support

USBCloner Supported Operating Systems:

1)Windows XP(32bit,64bit);

Programming tools

Programming tools consist of two parts:

1)cloner.exe User Interface Programming tool
2)Core.exe Core burning tool

Command line special usage

after configuring the parameters a config file can be used“platform.cfg” middle “lock”the value is set to one, only the file paths can be configured to avoid wrong configurations“platform.cfg” middle “lock” The value set to two allows only to select the package
Please refer to the configuration manual for the burning tool.

Burning kit

USBCloner There are currently 5 different versions:

1) cloner-0.23.17-windows.rar

2) cloner-0.23.17-ubuntu-12.04-32bit.tar.gz

3) cloner-0.23.17-ubuntu-12.04-64bit.tar.gz

4) cloner-0.23.17-ubuntu-14.04-32bit.tar.gz

5) cloner-0.23.17-ubuntu-14.04-64bit.tar.gz