Venus Box

        Venus is the IWOP standard set of hardware reference design, you can quickly create SmartWatches based on hardware design from Venus. You can either apply Venus plate-shaped design their own appearance ID, Venus hardware can also be slightly modified, in order to achieve different designs.

        Venus using the Ingenic M200 processor, M200 is the latest for smart watches micro-power processors, while, Venus has integrated M200, EMCP, PMIC, WIFI, Bluetooth, 9-axis sensors, motors, speakers, digital MIC, barometers and other sensors, in a very small area of ​​PCB premise, to achieve high performance, micro-power consumption.


a front view of the Interface Description


      1.1   shown in Figure 1, there is power, boot, reset three buttons, function as follows:
              a,   Power key: Long press to post-press to boot, the boot shutdown. When turned on, press the enter hibernation, press to wake up;
              b,   Boot Key: first press and hold the plug in the USB boot, that is, can enter programming mode, the boot can use when the return key;
              c, V-USB key: serial board power switch, press that is connected through internal serial board power; otherwise it is off the serial board power.

      1.2   Heart rate
              long press power button to start, open the measure heart rate interface, the fingers pressing Heart rate above Hearts, wait a moment, the heart rate can be measured;



two side view Interface Description


        2.1   motor and speaker position shown in Figure 2:

      2.2   button: used to select the power source to provide the way
            toggle button to VBAT place, then choose a battery to power the system of internal wiring;
            toggle button to the DC office, then select the external DC power supply to power the system, to be from the figure 2 mark at the DC power supply input DC power supply.

      2.3   transposon: power input
            select external power input, power is adjusted to + 4V, connected to DC-DC +, and the toggle button at DC;
            Select an internal battery-powered, short VBAT-   VBAT +, and the keys appropriated VBAT place.

      2.4   power test:
            Note: V-BAT button when measured power consumption should be as shown in Figure 2 remains protruding from the state;
              2.4.1   DC-ended input measured power
                          button need appropriated DC Office, string input voltage source, adjust the input of 4V, 2 DC power supply position, connect the access box shown in Figure after,
                          to start testing after press power button to start real-time current.

              2.4.2   series resistance measured power consumption
                        VBAT- VBAT + series between a resistance R, the voltage drop V between measurements, the current I=V / R;

              2.4.3   string ammeter measuring power
                        VBAT- VBAT + series between a ammeter, the current reading is the present current value.

      2.5   serial printer
            USB: serial printer port, connect the computer to software debugging work;
            SERIAL: battery charging port, connect 5V charger or computer to charge the battery.


PCB introduction






three boxes use


      3.1 Power

            button appropriated VBAT at press POWER button Power




hardware parameters


Form factor

Modular board with 4 external connectors.


24 x 40 x 2.4 mm.



Ingenic dual-core M200 SoC, one core up to 1.2 GHz, the other core up to 300MHz.


- GPU:. 3D with OpenGL ES 2.0 / 1.1 and OpenVG 1.1

- VPU: H.264 720P @ 30fpsencoding and decoding


- ISP for image pre-processing



eMCP (4GB eMMC + 4Gb LPDDR2).


power management IC.


6-axis gyroscope + accelerometer + magnetometer.

USB 2.0

Micro USB device.


Serial debug port.


single-band 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b / g / n.


Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy), Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.


24MHz, 32.768kHz;. 26MHz (Wi-Fi / BT)


Display (20-pin)

MIPI-DSI and AMOLED display .

Touch (10-pin)

Capacitive touch screen


CONNECTOR (20-pin)


Sensor (4-pin)

Proximity / Gesture / Ambient Light sensor

USB (4-pin)

USB device 2.0  
JTAG (5-pin) Standard JTAG interface



Li-on battery: 3.7 ~ 4.2V; Micro USB: 5.0V






  1. development information

File Description
  Venus Product Overview    
pc6-ft232rusbuartxz (zip) Box serial small plate driver software    


  2. Get the source:


      For Venus platform source code, please click on the“source code download”。




Venus Video Description