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    ELFOS is our open platform, a solution for Hardware Reference Design and interconnected sensors such as voice, cloud synchrnoization and service components.
    Coupled with rich applications, ELFOS constitutes a complete ecosystem for SmartWatches but also for OEM/ODM development and brand manufacturers by providing a complete solutions.
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    We offer
    the most complete solution
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    Smart Development Environment
    Rich Application Templates
    100% Open Source
    Complete APIs Documentation
    Detailed Video Tutorials
    Competitors are still far from this ...

Our Platform Versatile, Powerful, Ecologyc and Micro

IWOP is an Open Platform for SmartWatches with an Open Hardware Kit, which can be used to develop: hardware, applications and services for wearable technologies.

What we offer:

Development kits

We offer a complete development platform for smartwatches and we provide detailed video tutorials and code samples.

Reference Design

Complete datasheets allow you to fasten the hardware's development phases.

Platform Source Code

Completely Open Source, you can customize and create your own user's experience.

Technical Support

Online technical support and service management.

Training and instructions

Complete training programs for Engineers to speedup the development process.

Application Marketplace

Rich application, complete development environment, what you can think of, we have it.